How Cost Effective Is Nilaqua and What Impacts Does It Have On The Environment?

Environmentally Clean 

  • Nilaqua is not harmful to humans, plants or animals
  • Contains 95% deionised water, is not oils or gels
  • pH Level of 6.5-7.3 and kind to all skin types
  • Less water is required compared to traditional washing
  • Less electricity used as no dryers are required
  • Won’t remove Nail Varnish or Damage Floors
  • Endorsed by the Nature Watch Foundation
  • Complies with EU Biocidal Regulations
  • Made from 25% recycled plastic on many items and has full recycling schemes
Nilaqua alcohol-free hand sanitiser.

Plastic Pledge

Nilaqua offers an eco dispenser which has a refillable hard plastic cartridge inside - that will last FOREVER. Eradicating the need to keep binning plastic pouches. This saves on average 5 x the amount of plastic waste!

Secondly Nilaqua offers BULK refills, such as 25 Litre Drums with surface spray solution, specifically for high use area's. Just keep refilling and save...

50 x the amount of plastic waste!

How amazing is that for the planet, we urge you to convert!  

Cost Effectiveness

Nilaqua's 500ml Foam Dispenser provides 1000+ shots!

The Nilaqua manual 1 litre dispenser provides around 1250 shots per litre of expanded foam. People will typically pump the dispenser just once or occasionally twice per wash (700–900 washes /litre). There’s no need for metered water, sinks, hand dryers, paper towels or anything else; plus Nilaqua® kills all of the germs and infectious bugs mentioned thorughout the website.

Now compare this cost with an ordinary liquid soap (1000 shots per litre); you might be surprised to know that most
people will pump this type of dispenser 2 or 3 times because it doesn’t seem to leave much in your hand (300-400
washes/litre). Now add the cost of sinks, hot running water, hot air dryers / hand towels and Nilaqua is far more cost effective than you might think!

To top it off Nilaqua has a very unique refill dispenser, which cuts out the cost of continually paying for plastic pouches. Instead it has a built in strong foaming cartridge that you simply top up with our 5 litre bottles. Ideal for high use environments, working out at just £5.00 per litre!

To make hygiene even more eco friendly we also encourage you  purchase the 5 litre refill to top up the 55ml, 100ml, 200ml and 500ml bottles. Whoop Eco friendly hygiene!!

Nilaqua alcohol-free hand sanitiser.


Let’s start with the basics –

We offer employees free tea and coffee and water, you never need bring a disposable cup to work!

We have several bins for different items of recyclable materials, which are then commercially recycled

We ask communication is digital, but occasionally we have to print. If we have a piece of paper where it can be reused complying with GDPR we will place it in the scrap paper tray.

Waste from manufacture, is reused where possible. Instead of purchasing fancy packaging fillers to protect bottles, we reuse our waste from label reels and cardboard, so that we are reducing waste and ensuring the safe delivery of our lines.

We have switched from plastic tape to paper tape on manufactured boxes.

nilaqua alcohol free sanitiser
nilaqua alcohol sanitiser
bulk 25Litre surface spray
eco surface spray