Real Stories: The dangers of Alcohol Sanitiser

Why NOT alcohol hand sanitiser?

Alcohol Hand Rubs can promote dermatitis, acute dryness and eczema flare ups. Causing unwanted bacteria to build up in the wound. Which can lead to further infection.

Check out the horror stories our customers have sent us in. And no surprisingly all of these people are now Nilaqua Alcohol-Free Sanitiser converts...


The Victims & their stories

Alcohol Hand Gel vs alcohol free sanitiser

Severely Cracked fingers from Alcohol...

Hayley's daughter had been made to use alcohol hand sanitiser at her sports club. As a result of this, it has caused her hands to split and blister between her fingers. It is causing her a lot of pain.

Alcohol-Free Sanitiser Saviour...

The image shows her cracked, blistered fingers during the healing process. So, I can't even imagine what it  looked like before. By using alcohol free sanitiser there is no more pain caused by reapplication.

- Sent in on Instagram

Alcohol Ruined Man's Leather shoes

Alcohol Hand Sanitiser has left this guy's leather shoe STAINED. Leather lasts a life time, so it makes you wonder what it is doing to our skin.

Alcohol-free sanitiser convert

Thankfully, we were able to help by introducing him to our Nilaqua alcohol-free sanitiser. As a result, there is no worry about this happening again. - Shown by our estate agent

alcohol hand gel vs alcohol free sanitiser

Alcohol caused painful Eczema Flare up

Jolene's daughter's hands have cracked as a result of firstly, washing her hands more frequently. Secondly due to using alcohol hand gel. Due to these factors, she is suffering a lot of pain. Due to her being in the high risk category she needs the best possible protection for her return to school.

Alcohol-Free Sanitiser instead Please...

She now chooses Nilaqua alcohol-free foam, because it is lovely and kind to her skin - Sent in on Instagram

Cut and Sore Hands

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'Engulfed by Flames'

Check out the article in the link below to see this one ladies horror story when her hands set on fire! Click here.

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